Total Men Leadership Coaching

This program is establishing and setting the platform for hurting men.  Men who want to take their Kingdom position, heal over brokenness, breakthrough generational curses, and reign in victory over addiction.  This program seeks to proclaim a clarion call for men to take their rightful position of authority and dominion. Helping great men of God of today to become Mighty Men of Valor!

This program will tackle & destroy the hard addictions & strongholds of men.  It will establish & build men back to a place of authority in the Kingdom and in their homes.  Finally, this program will teach and empower men to understand women and what they really want and need. This program is committed to serving & providing strong brotherhood in the Kingdom.  For far too long, the men have been neglected… Minister Shelton Beasley & Evangelist Tashara Luster-Beasley have heard the cries of the forgotten and are committed to taking the Men of God of today to next level living in God.


“Building Men of Purpose, Power, Praise, Prayer, and to be the Total Man

(the Priest of their home)”

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