Tashara N. Luster-Beasley, M.A.P.M., B.A.

  • Over 20 years as an international and national preacher, speaker, and workshop/conference facilitator.


  • Over 17 years as a successful entrepreneur and leader as President/CEO of Daily Benefits Ministry.


  • Tashara is the  proud wife of The Anointed Saxophone Extraordinaire Shelton Beasley (a.k.a. "Mr. Saxophone Shelton")!


  • A multi-gifted preacher, author, songwriter/psalmist, conference speaker, workshop leader, educator, lecturer, philanthropist, entrepreneur, counselor, total life-purpose coach, & mentor. 


  • More than a decade of vast successful Corporate/Career experience as a Published Author, Director of a Non-Profit, Human Resources Personnel, Executive Administrator, Marketing Sales Agent, Publication Relations Coordinator, Events Coordinator, & Financial Loan Officer. Chaplain for one of the top medical hospitals in West Tennessee. Adjunct Professor of Old Testament for the School of Christian Ministries.


  • Author of The Total Life Series: The Total Woman, The Total Man, The Total Single, The Total Wife, The Total Husband, The Total Marriage, The Total Health & Wealth Connection, & The Total Parent & Family.


  • Coaching Niche: Mentoring Men and Women in the areas of: Leadership, Ministry, Business/Corporate Organization, Author/Book Writing, Balancing Work & Family, Setting & Achieving Educational & Professional Goals, Healthy Self-Care, and Building Authentic Relationships. 


  • Evangelist Tashara also does Pastoral Counseling for those affected by Sexual Addiction, Grief, Substance Abuse, & Depression.


  • As a Relationship Coach, Tashara does Premarital and Marriage Counseling. She also does counseling for Singles to help in the Sacred Search for Love & God's Will for their relationships.


  • As a Family Coach, Tashara does Family Counseling.




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